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Magic By the Book

About Magic by the Book



 The Magic by the Book Reading Incentive Program is back and better than ever!  This year, in addition to earning patches, students may also attend special events by meeting certain reading goals.  Plus, we now have NEW exciting books clubs for students to enjoy:
  1. Animal Club
  2. Fantasy Club
  3. Science Fiction Club
  4. Historical Fiction Club
  5. Mystery Club
  6. Dragon Club
  7. Adventure Club
  8. Humor Club
  9. Author Study Club
  10. Animal Nonfiction


Each club is offered in two levels: basic and advanced. Books in the basic level are generally geared towards students in 3rd grade and below. Advanced level books are generally geared towards students in 4th grade and above. Depending on your child's reading ability, they may be in either club level regardless of grade. Books in the advanced lists are longer and often cover more intense subject matter which may be more appropriate for the upper grades. Several of the books on the advanced lists are also on the California Recommended Literature list for grades 3-5 or 6-8.

Based on your child’s AR level, maturity and interests, you select the basic or advanced club he/she wants to complete first. For first time club members, we are requesting a donation of $5.00 to enroll your child for this school year. Upon enrolling, your child will receive his/her own “Magic by the Book” book bag and a list of books to select from in order to earn their first genre patch. If your child was a member last year, the renewal donation is only $3.00, as they will not be receiving a book bag. Scholarships are available, please talk to your child’s teacher for information. If your child is interested in the club, but his/her AR level falls below the 2.0 level at this time, you can sign up at any time during the year after reaching that minimum level.

Your student will read 5 books from a book club list at their AR level. When they pass the quizzes with 70% or better they will fill in the test dates and scores on the book club form. Print quiz results by one of two methods.1) Print out each test result from AR Home Connect and staple to the book club form. 2) Your student can print a report of books read and highlight titles for this patch. Turn completed book club form into the office or to the Magic by the Book box in the mail room. Your child will receive their AWESOME patch shortly after the form is submitted.

Generally, once a student has earned a patch in at least 5 genres, your student will be able to earn a second patch in any of the clubs by reading 5 more books within that genre. The students are able to complete as many or as few clubs as they wish this year.

In the interest of providing easy access to approved books, the compiled lists include books that are available through the AR Bookfinder, the Solano Napa and Partners Library System, as well as titles from the Cooper School library.

Teachers and staff at Cooper have put a great deal of time and effort into compiling a diverse selection of books. For this program, while the approved books are all very good, some may cover intense subject matter (such as slavery in Tom Sawyer). As such, parents will be responsible for helping their children select appropriate titles from the large lists of approved books in each club.

Have fun reading!