Cooper Elementary School

Support Staff

Support Staff at Your Service:

We love email! Click on our address below to email a secretary, we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please notify the office immediately for any contact or address changes to your students record.  As always, we appreciate you for keeping the lines of communication open. 


For attendance, short term independent studies, and cumulative file information, email Joan: 


For registration, withdrawls, intra and inter district transfers, facilities, and calendars, email Bobbi:


For our Health Office Clerk, email Brenda:


For our Office Manager, email Sandy:


Sandy Loustaunau

Lead Secretary

707-453-6210 ext. 103


Miss Bobbi 

Registrar Secretary
707-453-6210 ext. 100


Joan DeBolt
Attendance Secretary

707-453-6210 ext. 101


Monica Arnett

Library Technician
 see lib. page  



Janet Sisco
School Nurse 

On Site as Needed


Brenda McLean

School Health Clerk

707-453-6210 ext. 107



 Dave Cushing
Lead Custodian

707-453-6210 ext. 152



Miss Linda

Cafeteria Manager

707-453-6210 ext. 154


Office Hours:


Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm